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Have you or a loved one recently been involved in an accident that has caused personal injury? As we all know, accidents can happen at any moment and most of the time we are not prepared for them when they do. No matter how much you prefer handling things yourself, if its an accident that involves personal injury it is paramount that you have a good lawyer. The Sticklen Law Firm is confident we can help you! Our attorney’s will work very hard for you!

Sure the person or persons responsible for the accident are “sorry” it happened and the last thing you wanted was to inflict hardship on someone else. But The Sticklen Law Firm are attorney’s with experience. To many times there have been good people who have not recovered compensation that was rightfully theirs because things were not handled properly. And we think you agree that being “sorry” just doesn’t cut it!

You need your rights protected! And you need to be compensated. There are many costs involved with any kind of personal injury case, and they can easily set you back years unless you have a lawyer who is qualified to handle the intricate details of your case. Here at The Sticklen Law Firm our attorney’s strive to understand and comprehend the ins and outs of the crisis you’re going through, it’s our job! And if we don’t win, you don’t pay..


We can assist you with personal injury cases caused from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck and trailer accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bite victims, uninsured motorists, injury in swimming pools, wrongful death and more. The lawyers at Sticklen Law want to help you get your life back in order by doing what we do best. We can help you retrieve the funds necessary so your injury, caused by someone’s negligence, will not cause you distress and devastation. (See our Case Type page for more details)

At The Sticklen Law Firm, our attorneys know that people can be overwhelmed and confused after suffering an injury because of an accident. It can be difficult to protect your rights when you don’t know them, especially during a period of disability following the injury. Be confident that our attorneys here at The Sticklen Law Firm can answer all your questions.

It is crucial that you know your rights. It is so important that you protect those rights. We at Sticklen Law are one of the few law firms in Joplin and the Southwest Missouri area that concentrates its practice to personal injury cases. Call us today and we can set a time for you to visit with one of the best lawyers who is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but one who has your best interest in mind. And remember, if our attorney’s don’t win your case and you don’t receive a settlement you pay nothing!


At The Sticklen Law Firm, we take pride in being your advocate, your voice, against the opposition. We strive to provide each of our clients with the sensitivity and personalized attention that they deserve. We provide you with the answers you need to secure your rights and protect your future. If you have suffered an injury from a car or truck wreck, a boating accident, a motorcycle accident or any other negligent injury, don’t allow the unneeded grief and stress of fighting for those rights to jeopardize your future. The Attorneys at The Sticklen Law Firm are here for you.

The firm will procure all necessary documentation’s on your behalf, including police reports, witness statements and medical records. Furthermore, we speak on your behalf to insurance companies and to any debt or credit collectors who pursue you for expenses incurred as a result of your personal injury.

The Sticklen Law Firm will do our best to solve your problems and minimize the stress and anxiety that comes with being injured.

(The choice of an attorney is a very important decision and should not be based solely on advertisement)